BETWEEN 1970-1980
Studies in music and art.

Music teacher.
BETWEEN 1980-1990
Free-lancer as a photograph with accent on portrait photography.

Apprentice and printer to Christer Strömholm; professor of photography.

Five photo exhibitions.

Two times being awarded from Swedish Art Jury Scholarship.

Co-operates in i book with erotic photos, published by RFSU: ”PLEASURE AND LONGING.”

BETWEEN 1990-2000

Twelve art exhibitions, among others: Stockholm Culture House, and

Institution of Psychology.

A new award from Art Jury Scholarship of Sweden.

Beginning of a card index with Swedish composers. 
Co-operate with

STIM/SvenskMusik, and they publish my portraits in music publications and catalogues around the Anglo-Saxon world.

BETWEEN 2000-2010
Comprehensive installation: photos and sculptures in Södertälje Art Gallery.

Photo exhibition at Culture House, Stockholm with pictures of Efva Lilja; dancer and dance pedagog.

Concentration on the sculptural form.

Working with alabaster and clay.

Studies about alabaster technique in Italy, Toscana.

Exhibition in my studio: picture – sculpture – poetry.

Accomplish a concert serie together with three musicians, and my contribution is photos projected on big screens.

BETWEEN 2010-2021
Six photo exhibitions, one of them in India, Mamallapuram.

Video and photo book containing Woo Bock Lees work of art.

Printing four books about my life so far: diary, drawings, photos, sculptures.